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Cambeo Performance Intelligence Platform

life is too short to be mediocre, it's time for change.
- retail pain -

"How do i know my decisions are impacting goals?"

Cambeo helps you identify the strengths, weaknesses, and often the unseen issues for every store and employee through store evaluations and employee surveys. Using analytics, we partner with you to predict the impact of employee and culture decisions - then create an action plan to address the problems and set up consistent and ongoing measurement to track improvement.

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- retail pain -

"I can't tell what is going on in all my stores."

Don't fly blind anymore. Through Cambeo's store evaluation and surveys, you'll be able to immediately see performance down to a specific store and employee. You'll be able to know which stores perform higher and which are struggling in certain areas. You'll be able to chart the effectiveness of managers, managers will be able to track the effectiveness of employees and know if they've received training. The Cambeo platform allows you to recognize problems and address them at a store and employee level, and not just find them after huge revenue losses or during an annual employee performance review.

- retail pain -

"We Can't discover or keep top talent."

Cambeo's platform crunches your data and combines it with Cambeo's database to provide activities that correlate directly to your revenue. You can then create focused training and your managers and employees can actually know what tasks truly make a difference to the bottom line. Keep employees better engaged, and discover future leaders and all-stars.

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Discover, engage, and keep your best employees.


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Build up and train a high performance workforce.


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