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Cambeo Platform Solutions built for culture

Solutions: Store Surveys

Our store evaluations show how your stores measure up against each other and our roadmap for success. This allows management and managers the ability to benchmark performance and design dynamic goals to boost store, region, and business revenues.

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Solutions: Employee Surveys

Cambeo's employee reviews are built to create conversations and culture, rather than JUST 'industrial efficiency'. Our system drives social interaction, growth, discussion, constructive feedback, and recognition. Our employee reviews are automated, proven to build winning culture, and attached to powerful predictive analytics so YOU can discover what skills to have your team focus on building to drive the MOST revenue. The tool will also quickly reveal your top employees and help you predict who to invest in.

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Solutions: 360 Feedback

Using our platform, a 360 feedback interview properly implemented and used over time will help grow leadership, increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction, lower employee turnover and boost store sales. We can show you how!

Solutions: Pulse Context Surveys

Using Cambeo Frontline and our pulse context surveys, you can know how your employees are doing in-the-moment. Pair culture and operational information to get quick return context on goals, tasks, and assignments from every employee.

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